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During the night of May 2nd, the tragedy had begun; Cyclone Nargis hit Southern of Myanmar, one of the poorest countries in Asia. Many lives have been lost. Massive homes, 600,000 hectares of agriculture lands, infrastructures and facilities including 4,000 schools are devastated. Access to clean water is damaged causing outbreak diseases.

The official death toll reported at 84,537 with 53,836 still missing and 19,359 injured. Yet others show the figure much higher with the death possibly reached to 300,000 and 5.5 million people severely affected. The damage of the cyclone was enormous which cost about $4bn. This is the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Burma.

As a result, a number of Burmese immigrants to Thailand rapidly increase, in search for better jobs and living conditions. Some take job that paid well below Thai wages to work long hours. While many of them turn to thieves and prostitutes. many give birth in Thailand, an extra burden for the adults and worsened conditions for the children. It is estimated that more than 10,000 Burmese children are in Ranong province (Thailand) alone. Overall, the more than 150,000 Burmese in Ranong province constitute about 2/3 of the whole population in the area.


The project “Baan Ngaow Culture” or BNC is inspired by the current situation as seen above. A lack of supportive environment for migrant Burmese children who survive from disastrous cyclone Nargis is the rationale of the project.

Baan Ngaow Culture (BNC) is located in Ngaow district, about 16 km from Ranong City. Ranong is on Thailand’s western coast about 568 kilometers from Bangkok. The monsoon-prone province (eight months a year) borders Myanmar for 169 kms. For more information about Ranong province click here

Currently BNLC is on the very beginning stage. We do need volunteers to helps and hands to create this project successfully and fruitfully.


  1. To provide basic education, cultural activities and basis occupational skills for those desperate Burmese children to have a brighter hope and better living condition in the future
  2. To be a learning center for both Thai and Burmese children.
  3. To create opportunity for international volunteers to work and learn difference cultures (Thai - Myanmar) and contribute their knowledge to create learning opportunities for these children.



Agriculture and Farming

The students have begun to create plots of land to grow cabbage and beans.  They were taught by our staff how to tend the soil for proper irrigation as well as how to protect the seedlings from animals, heavy rain and the scorching sun.  Palm leaves and banana fronds from our garden ...


volunteer with children

Volunteer Opportunity

We are seeking a volunteer with the skills and commitment to help us, lend us your talents and be with us in Thailand for at least 3 - 6 months at the Baan Ngaow Learning Center as to build the project from the ground up. The opportunity is available NOW! ...


help us


We rely entirely on volunteers and private donations to achieve our goals and further our cause. We welcome financial assistance, volunteers to help with our work and experts who can advise us. It is due to the kind and generous donations...