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Candle Festival in Thailand associates with Buddhist agenda called Buddhist Lent or Khao Phan-sa in Thai language. In Buddhism, during rainy season, monks will keep the Buddhist precepts in a monastery without going away for about 3 months. As the old time there was no electricity only candle that used around the temple, then, on the entry of this season Thai people, with respect to the religious, has made the enormous scale of candle and offer this up to facilitate Buddhist monks for using throughout the season. Some believes that through this philanthropy, they will be sharper, brighter, and smarter the same as candlelight characteristic. This tradition passes on from generation to generation up until now.

The most famous of Candle Festival locates at Ubon Ratchathani in Northeastern of Thailand. Traditionally (two day event) held annually around the mid of July (as it Buddhist calendar, the exactly date is vary each year; please reconfirm the information prior to the travel). The festival appear throughout the province, however, the major activities occur at Thung Sri Mueng temple. As this province is the home for excellent number of artists whether in modern arts, handicraft, Buddhist arts and architecture, in this period, it is a time for them to express their artistic talents and techniques through crafting and placing Thai pattern with the candle. The magnificent candles also demonstrate the link of local custom and religious belief.

From 1927 onward, the competition of the most beautiful candle has been introduced and become the highlight program of the festival. All exquisite candles are displayed through the parade accompanied with Northeastern traditional dance and music, which provide lively and joyful background for the festival. This hallmark event is the time that locals are looking forward to since it is an opportunity for them to sustain the culture by volunteering themselves assisting to create the elegant candles as well as all generation has a chance to exchange their experience together.

If you have a chance to go to Thailand Candle Festival, it is recommended to visit the community 2 or 3 day before the event to learn about the methods and designs that applied to the candles.

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