We at Culture Network Foundation (CNF) are a small local family run non-profit organization; with fully charity licensed under Thai law No. T 233/2546. CNF was established in year 2003 by a hope in bringing people from various cultures together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.

Our goals are to greater human understanding and bring our world closer together into one global community. The majority of works run by family members with many great help from local communities and volunteers all over the world.



Living in isolation is less likely a possible alternative in this rapid changing world as we move from an agrarian to industrial or even more from modern to post modern form of society.

The cultural currents of western society and ethnic tradition ignite by the new technology that have influenced us on how we live now. This, somehow, has caused an un-ease or even more, a bigger problem to some since many of us value cultures difference from their own.

The inspiration for setting up the culture network imbue with the Thai culture have propelled our little girl 'Anyaporn' and her family to put an effort to the foundation. It is her hope in bringing people from various cultures together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.

This is a small local family run non-profit organization which was found on the premise that positive personal experience helps dissolve divisive geographical, cultural, political and religious barriers, leads to greater human understanding and bring our world closer together into one global community.


The idea behind our logo lies beneath the truth about our Thais way of life. Thais people and possibly every nationality on earth live along the river for generations as water means live and the way of live means culture. In Thailand, we devided our country into four major parts or regions as: North, East, South and West. This is why our logo-top is comprised with four coronations. And for the bottom half of the logo, four smooth lines of river's currents are symbolised for four major rivers in Thailand that join into one main river and built up to tell the story of beautiful Thai cultures.


Our staff at Culture Network Foundation works from many locations as to the nature that we are involved in many local activities and festivals but daily communicate to share of great stories.

Our temporary office is currently located in an outer suburb of Bangkok, Thailand.

PORNPEN PORNPEN - President of Culture Network Foundation

Range as one of the most respected person in the field of NGO in Thailand. For over 10 years Pornpen has been successfully organizing a number of awarded projects to preserve ommunities, culture, wildlife, environment and many more across the most beautiful land of smile, Thailand.
SOMCHAI SOMCHAI - Vice President

Somchai, a retired happy man who has been teaching over ten of thousands students in every parts of Thailand over his life. As of his well knowledge in construction engineering, he also has been guiding and leading a number of working volunteers to build and rebuild schools, houses, and villages in many remote  area across Thailand.
AKKAPON AKKAPON - Secretary General

A very friendly hand on Secretary General of CNF. Akkapon spent most of the time discovering many hidden unique cultural activities and traditional diversity in arts all over Thailand, Burmar, Laos, Japan and many more. He also passions about Old Asian Textiles which put his collections became one of the most valuable rare textiles in Thailand.
PRECHA PREECHA - Project Director

A very knowledgable friendly man, Preecha, spent just over ten years travelled the world before decided to return to his beloved country in Thailand. He make friends all over places he visited and learnt every local cultures he could. Last but not least Preecha will impress everyone by his lovely smile
TULYATAT TULYATAT (or Perk)- Treasurer

A modern arty designer who in love with an easy living style of rural Thailand. His generousness put him very busy every weekend helping poor people and injured animals to have a better live. He also has an extensive knowledge about architecture in traditional Thai house.
THANAPHAT THANAPHAT (or Pump) - Public Relations

A music lover. Thanaphat bases himself in Melbourne helping us while continuing his study. He won over ten music awards and range at top three in National Thai Flute competition since he was 13. He is also volunteering himself for various domestic and international non profit organizations.
ANYAPORN ANYAPORN (or Poop) - International Project Coordinator

Our youngest member in the house. Anyaporn enjoys herself helping us from Tokyo (mainly) while most of the time travelling around the globe as well as leading various retired Japaneses to explore many hidden gems in Southeast Asia. She is also a traditional dance professional and a book lovers.
NANTICHA NANTICHA (or Note) - Arts & Culture Section

Note is our newest member who just joined us in the middle of 2007. She is also a Thai traditional dance professional who also experience in play (drama theatre) where she won her best director award. Currently based herself in Melbourne.